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    I'm Lynette, a Phoenix Portrait Photographer in love with the desert light. I am a momma to two beautiful boys and married to an amazing man I've known since the sixth grade.

    My mission is to capture those precious, fleeting moments of you and your loved ones. Life goes by so fast and we need to capture the time we have with each other.

    Thank you for stopping by my site and I hope I will have the pleasure to capture those moments for you!

When the temps get in the triple digits, you get out of town. Thank goodness family lives in places where its beautiful during the summer. One of those places is where I would spend my summers with my family. Going back brings back a lot of beautiful memories riding four wheelers and riding in the back of my dads old truck. Going to the lake and lots of camp fires roasting smores. What every kid should experience.
It also brings back some sad memories knowing that I can’t share these memories with my dad who loved this part of the world. But I could feel him there with me and I know he was so happy I was sharing this with them.
Excited to share these summer adventures with my boys. What are some of your favorite summer locations?

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I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Tiffany and her beautiful family over the last year as one of my photographer BFF’s. Not only are they beautiful people on the outside but equally the same on the inside.
We both are always on the look out for beautiful locations for our clients and we were so excited to find this spot. It just looks like a field of gold in the middle of the desert.

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I just love when a idea comes to life. I don’t normally have a lot of time to make my visions come to life but when the stars aline right, magic happens. I had seen this stunning Leah Marie Couture maternity dress awhile back and thought to myself, “I need to photograph that!”. I saw another local photographer was renting it and rushed to find a model and thought of a beautiful location i’ve been wanting to shoot at. I’m so excited that everything worked out. I was going for a ethereal look and hope thats the feeling you get from it.

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I’m on a roll blogging lately. Blessed to have so many wonderful clients to share their sessions. Its so fun meeting all these wonderful people who are growing their family. Courtney was such a pleasure to meet. She’s also a wondering hair stylist who I had to pleasure of also getting my hair done by.

I’m also so glad my clients love the desert like I do. It is filled with the best lighting and beautiful cactus. We also got lucky and hit hit the tail end of our spring season here in Phoenix and got a few blooming bushes to shoot with.

I can’t wait to meet your new little one soon Courtney!

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I love vacations that consist of beach days. Thats all we really did in Mexico. Morning, noon and night we went down to the beach that was just steps away from our condo. Traveling with kids is usually a very stressful event and when we go to Rocky Point I never really feel that way. Its so laid back not a whole lot of going anywhere but the beach. Which makes for a lot of play and relaxing time for me. Win win in my books.
I’ll be honest we don’t go on many vacations. Majority of the time we will go back to NM to visit family which we love to do. But finally getting to go on a real vacation was just what we needed.


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